Safe Rates provides you the opportunity to discuss Transport Industry Rates and Safe Driving Practices to improve the safety of all people on the road.

In collaboration with, simple innovative tools and calculators are provided to help transport operators work out their own costs and discuss fair sustainable rates and to encourage safe driving practices for a safer industry and safer road use.

Major Routes Guider

See the Agreed Distances and Driving Hours for major routes per the Road Transport Award 2010.

Rest Planner

Plan your trips well to help manage Heavy Vehicle Driver Fatigue and the associated risks.

Truck Operating Cost Calculator

Are you paying too much? Calculate your truck operating expenses online today.

NEWS: Road Safety Remuneration Repeal Act 2016 receives royal assent

On 19 April 2016, the Road Safety Remuneration Repeal Act 2016 (Cth) received royal assent.

Accordingly, on 21 April 2016 the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal will cease to operate or perform any of the functions prescribed to it by the Road Safety Remuneration Act 2012 (Cth).

Read more at the RSRT website: is not associated with the RSRT and is owned and operated independently of the RSRT by
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