About Safe Rates provides you the opportunity to discuss sustainable Transport Industry Rates and Safe Driving Practices to improve the safety of the road transport industry and all people on the road. In collaboration with, simple innovative tools and calculators are provided to help you discuss fair rates and to encourage safe driving practices for a safer industry and safer road use.

Pressures in the industry can lead to unsafe work practices such as speed, fatigue, overloading and drug abuse. is provided to encourage discussion and understanding to help improve the industry.


  • The Australian Transport Industry is a mature, well established, capital intensive service industry.
  • Strong industry competition leads to low margins in road transport
  • The industry is governed by extensive legislation and regulation for safe road use, including but not limited to:
    • Regulated driving hours
    • Speed limits
    • Mass and dimensional limits
    • Alcohol and drug use
    • Occupational Health and Safety

  • Legislation has been introduced for ‘Chain of Responsibility’, which charges all parties involved in the supply chain, not just the driver, with responsibilities to prevent driver fatigue and ensure drivers are able to comply and operate within, legal work / rest hours.
    • If actions, inactions or demands cause or contribute to road safety breaches then those parties can be held legally liable / accountable.
    • The law covers but is not limited to the sender and receiver of goods, the loaders, truck driver, agents, schedulers and operators.


  • Financial pressures can push transport operators to exceed allowable speed limits, driving hours, mass and dimensional limits and related OH&S.
  • Unrealistic expectations and/or customer influence can pressure drivers to continue to drive when fatigued or speed.
  • Customers may not necessarily be aware of their obligations and legislation that applies responsibilities to them when arranging or receiving freight.
  • Legislation and regulatory documentation is extensive with regular updates and amendments.
  • As a mature industry with long term employees, the nature of the industry does not lend itself to people transitioning and bringing knowledge from other industries.


To provide and facilitate discussion between transport operators, drivers and others stakeholders, to allow effective dialog in the industry to:

  • Provide a clear understanding of the issues that affect the industry
  • A reference to discuss and review current pricing, practices and obligations
  • Encourage risk review and strategies to assess, mitigate and manage risk
  • Develop quality systems and performance assessment to meet changing legislative and regulatory requirements.


Provision of an open forum, tools and information, to effectively discuss rates that fairly supports the industry to review risk, plan operations and function safely.

Facilitate efficient development and take up of new technology to promote effective and safe management and operations.

Promote the needs of the industry to enable transport operators and drivers to operate safely.

Liaise with other industry groups with common interests to identify and collaborate on methods, tools, information and knowledge to improve the safety and sustainability of the industry.

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