About the Calculators

Step 1: Route Plan

(Major Routes: Agreed Driving Hours and Distances)

Plan the route but check for standard agreed routes, times and distances. The Long Distance Drivers Award states standard driving hours and distances for major routes.  Ensure time and distances allow for the work performed and include delays, detours, stand-by times, loading and unloading etc.

(Long Distance Driver Award Wage Guide)

The Long Distance Driver Award Wage (Australia Only) has pre-defined minimum rates of payment for both hourly rates or alternatively distance rates for major Australian routes. Use the Long Distance Agreed / Routes Time Calculator to help determine what the minimum rate is for a major route.  Ensure that the type (size) of vehicle selected is legally allowed to use the selected route.

(See terms of use).

Step 2: Rest Plan

(Driving Hours Trip Planner)

The Driving Hours Trip Planner calculator helps you quickly plan a route and calculate when your rest breaks need to be based on when you start and when you must finish. Ensure that you allow the minimum rests but allow for additional rests and un-planned delays if needed by the driver.

(See terms of use).

Step 3: Safe Rate

(Truck Operating Cost Calculator)

Do you really know your costs? Estimate your daily operating costs, cost per tonne or cost per kilometre in minutes. Simply change the figures around to see what affect changing costs has to your operation. Use the Truck Operating Cost Calculator to create a simple fuel levy table.

The Truck Operating Cost Calculator provides you a common tool to discuss fair and reasonable rates for the work performed.  Ensure that rates allow for delays, detours, stand-by and return journeys. (This is a guide only).

(See terms of use).

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RSRT Payments Calculator available online

NOTE: is not affiliated with the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal. Calculators provided by are to help users assess their own costs.

The Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal has published an online payments calculator to assist parties to determine the correct minimum payments under the Contractor Driver Minimum Payments Road Safety Remuneration Order 2016 (2016 RSRO).

The 2016 RSRO takes effect from 4 April 2016 and, for the first time, sets national minimum payments for contractor drivers in the road transport industry involved in:

  • the distribution of goods destined for sale or hire by a supermarket chain; or
  • long distance operations in the private road transport industry.

In addition to payments for contractor drivers, the 2016 RSRO also includes clauses regarding:

  • unpaid leave;
  • supply chain contracts;
  • facilitative provisions;
  • promotion of orders; and
  • dispute resolution.

The order also imposes requirments on the hirers of those contractor drivers and participants in the supply chain.

For advice regarding the 2016 RSRO, please contact the Fair Work Ombudsman on 13 13 94 or go to

Go to:

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