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    These hours are based on the new driving hours starting from the 29th September 2008.
      DRIVING HOURS - 24 HOUR TRIP PLAN (New driving hours)      
    ONLY enter the route plan for a Single 24 hour period.
      Select Driving Method:  
      Shift Start Time at:  
    Start your trip AFTER your last 7 hour break. FINISH the trip with the 7 hour break.
    Short Average Finish
    Distance Rest Hrs Speed Time Check
          hrs   km hrs km/hr      
      Finish with the 7 hour rest.             FINISH no later than:      
      24 HOUR - TRIP PLAN SUMMARY (For Your Driver)        
              Log Book Details:    
              Rounded Long / Night Hours:    
        Rounded Worked Hours:    
    Minimum Rest Summary:
    1st rest before :
    15 minutes
    2nd rest before:
    15 minutes
    3rd rest before :
    30 minutes
      Next 24 hour work period must start no earlier than:      
      Regulations (Australia Only):                            
    In 14 days, you must work no more than 144 hours of work and must include:
      (Ensure you check and confirm the plan is current, legal and compliant prior to accepting.)      
      Driver Acceptance:     Supervisor Acceptance:          
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    The accuracy of all figures and times is not guaranteed and is provided as a guide only.
    This trip plan is indicative of the rest times required and is not a complete manifest or scheduling plan.
    Rest times noted are the calculated latest time that the rest period can begin. Rest times should be taken earlier if required.
    Be sure that you inform your driver if the final leg cannot be completed before driving hours are finished.
    You must be registered with the appropriate authority to use the basic fatigue management scheme (solo) driving hours.
    Rounded hours: Start times round down to previous 15 minute block. Finish times round up to the next 15 minute block.
    Calculated Hours are based on the Australian driving hours legislation starting 29th September 2008.
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