Award Wages

Road Transport (Long Distance) Award 2010

The Road Transport (Long Distance) Award consolidates the driver award wage rate nominating agreed distances and driving hours for major routes.

Road Transport (Long Distance) Drivers Award (Calculator)

Long distance operation means any interstate operation, or any return journey where the distance travelled exceeds 500 kilometres and the operation involves a vehicle moving livestock or materials whether in a raw or manufactured state from a principal point of commencement to a principal point of destination. An area within a radius of 32 kilometres from the GPO of a capital city will be deemed to be the capital city.

Award Wages

The Awards for the Australian Transport Industry have been consolidated into a smaller number of 'modern awards'.

Safe Rates provides the following links for the Transport Industry Awards for simpler searching and reference.

All awards can be found on the website.

Please ensure that the link used is the latest revision of the award before use.

Road Transport and Distribution Award 2010


Provides the award wage for Transport and Distribution (this is not a drivers award).

Passenger Vehicle Transportation Award 2010


Provides the award wage for passenger vehicle transportation.

Waste Management Award 2010


Provides the award wage for Waste Management in the waste industry.

Transport (Cash in Transit) Award 2010


Provides the award wage for Transport of Cash (cash in transit).


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